Lunch and Learn with Zoom

THURSDAY 1/121 @12:30pm we continue with our Lunch & Learn Series on The Book of Exodus, our central ancestral story of being slaves in Egypt, the experience of being freed by unimaginable, incomorehensible force, and then discovering the true meaning of liberation in the wonderous abyss of the Wilderness. This week it is the eve of freedom, the first Passover, the first Seder, and also the final plague– The Death of the Firstborn Sons of Egypt. How can we conceive of that very first seder amidst so much destruction? Was it really a seder? What were the Israelite children asking their parents on that terrible, and yet anticipatory night? Come and join in the discussion and exploration of the strange origins of the ritual of the seder, and what we can learn from it for our seders in 2021.

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