Lunch and Learn with Zoom

Thursday at 12:30pm

Shalom chevre (friends)! 

I hope everyone’s been having a good week. And the truth is– it’s been a tumultous week for many in our country, and I think we all feel a degree of anguish in our hearts as members of our human family are suffering. For many of us, too, this week is filled with anxiety as the oncoming election approaches. I was fortunate to join a training for clergy about how we keep our communities together during a time when there is so much divisiveness. The lesson I took from this training was that overcoming divisiveness starts at home, in ourselves. This week’s parasha (Torah reading), is Lech L’Cha, which literally means “Go for yourself” and tells the tale of Abram, whom God speaks to, saying “Go for yourself to a land that I will show you.” Our tradition teaches that it was Abram’s act of determination, to seek a future where he could be a whole person in action and spirit, that became the very inheritance that we have today– Judaism, and Abraham, our first forefather and ancestor. I know I struggle with how to fully align my spirit and my actions, and boy do I often fall short. Today in our Lunch & Learn @12:30pm, we will be looking at this origin story of our people, and how Abram and Sarai, our first foremother and ancestor, wrestled with their pasts and the unknowns in their present to envision a future for generations to come. Join for the Torah, the community, and the journey 🙂

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