As part of honoring Rev. Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy, please join
Congregation Bnai Jacob (176 West Side Avenue) on Saturday January 18, 2020 as we welcome Rabbi Yeshurun and the community of Temple Beth Sholom (House of Peace), a historic Black Israelite Community in Bushwick, Brooklyn
Prayer & Song @9:30am, Potluck Lunch & Teach-In @ 12:30pm
A movement of Judaism FOUNDED IN 1919
PRAYER & SONG BEGINS @9:30AM (come when you can get here!)
CONGREGATION BNAI JACOB (176 West Side Ave btw. Fulton St. & Stegman Parkway)

Just Jew It: The Introduction to Judaism Class You Always Wanted
-a 9 month course covering sacred texts (all those books!), holidays, lifecycle, prayers, ethics & philosophy, Jewish history, and Hebrew reading
*for students preparing for conversion, interfath couples wanting to know more about Judaism, and folks who want the best Judaism-refresher around!
EMAIL- for more information.

Talmud Time: You Beit (Midrash) Werk!
-Have you ever learned Talmud before? Have you ever wanted to learn Talmud before? Have you heard of Talmud before? Well Talmud is where Judaism happens. Really happens. Come join this multi-level class beginning in February. EMAIL- for more information.

After an awesome Kwanzaa & Hannukah gathering of Bnai Jacob congregants who expressed a passion for social justice work with some of the most prominent activists within the Greenville African American Community (such as Pam Johnson of the Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition, Sandra Lovely of The Urban Times, and Gillian Sarjeant-Allent of Black Wallstreet) as well as Councilwomen Mira Prinz-Arey and Denise Ridley, Bnai Jacob will be the host site for several community conscious initatives moving forward:
Martin Luther King Day Weekend Special Shabbat (January 17-18)
*featuring Rabbi Yeshurun and Temple Beth Shalom of Bushwick, Brooklyn
Rabbi Yeshurun is a renowned scholar and rabbi who has led Temple Beth Shalom, one of the oldest Black Israelite synagogues in the country, for the last two decades. Rabbi Yeshurun will join us as a scholar-in-residence, speaking about the history of the Black Hebrew Israelites in the United States, and leading a completely unique and inspiring Shabbat morning service on Saturday. Come to have your spirit lifted, and to learn about the deeper history and identity of the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Yoga For the People
Thursdays from 6:00-7:15pm beginning January 30th
led by Jason Wendroff-Rawnicki
This yoga class is discounted and open the entire Greenville community. Our community has been through a lot this year, and one thing we can do is provide healing services at an affordable rate. Come be a part of this amazing initiative to be a part of a diverse community, and get in tune with your body at the same time!
*for more information EMAIL Jane Canter (

Anti-Gun Violence Rally led in partnership with Pastor Viola Hemmingway
Saturday, February 7 at 10:00am
Bnai Jacob will host a Jersey-City wide Anti-Gun Violence rally uniting over 20 communities of faith in Greenville. The morning will feature an energetic Shabbat morning service followed by Kiddush lunch and rally led by Pastor Viola Hemmingway.
Plus partnerships in the process with the Jersey City Anti Violence Coalition, the Cultural Awareness Series of the Jersey City Public Library, and many others.

And also to keep in your calendar:
April is the month (not only of Passover) but celebrating Bnai Jacob’s 60th anniversary (think Barbecue, think Jazz, start getting excited).
And Saturday Night, April 11th– mark the date for the West Side premiere reading of Jersey City poet laureate Rashid Wright’s new book.
There is so much coming up at Bnai Jacob, it can’t all be contained in one email, but this is to give you an idea. Please keep an eye on the calendar, and be in touch if there’s more you want to see
With blessings to you all for health, joy, and resilience in this new year!!

‘Tis the Season! It’s REUNION SHABBAT: THE MIRACLE OF LIGHTS (The weekend of December 20-22nd). If you grew up at Bnai Jacob, this will be a Hannukah-themed Shabbat and partay to reunite with old friends, and for new Bnai Jacobians and ol’ Bnai Jacobians to celebrate together 🙂 also on December 22nd, the first night of Hannukah, Bnai Jacob will be lighting up the night, across Jersey City and beyond! If you are lighting a menorah, take a pic and post it to the Bnai Jacob Facebook group so we can all share in each others’ light.

And more to light up your December (and beyond!):

*Upcoming Yoga Classes to begin at Bnai Jacob Thursday Nights from 7-8pm followed by Kirtan-Inspired Chanting Maariv (evening prayer), free to the community!

*More Lunch & Learns, last one of the year is next December 19 from 12-1:30pm

*Exciting new programs for 2020 including Purim Baking, Social Justice Initiatives including New Sanctuary, Family Promise, and more; and Introduction to Judaism classes (for those planning for conversion or who just want to know a little more, more solidly 🙂

Looking forward to being with everyone!

​​​​​​​Blessings 🙂 R’B
office: 201-435-5725 (rabbi: 267-475-5181)