Shabbat with Zoom

This Friday, 1/21 we come together for our weekly warming of Shabbat, together in community. It will be the first Shabbat after a very tumultuous few weeks of governmental transition, and it happens to cosmically align with the first description of Pesach/Passover, which Shabbat is considered to be a model and reminder of every week. Our ancestors, believe it or not, actually felt that we were always in a cycle of leaving Egypt– the 6-day work-week was Egypt and Shabbat was freedom (I kid you not! Check the commentators Sforno and Ramban! Our rabbinic ancestors UNDERSTOOD what the work-week could be like lol). So this week we come together, to be together, and to ask ourselves– how can this Shabbat be a part of my journey out of my own personal bondage? How can this Shabbat be a part of a real journey in my life, or in my family’s life, or in my community’s life, towards greater liberation? And if this is still a Shabbat “in Egypt”, what am I still finding myself bound to, bondaged to? Looking forward to being with you in prayer, reflection and community.  

7pm hang out, 7:15pm meditation, 7:30pm Kabbalat Shabbat

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​​​​​​​Blessings 🙂 R’B

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