Yom Kippur

Shalom chevre!

It was such a blessing to be with you all for Rosh HaShanah. Your energy, your voices, the call of the shofar (and that amaaazing avocado blossom honey) have already made this new year a sweet and hopeful one. So looking forward to coming back together for Yom Kippur, a time for each of us to do the challenging work of reflection in order to build true connection. What is ‘true’ connection? Something that many of us have a hard time finding the words for, but we know it when we feel it. True Connection will be the theme of this year’s Yom Kippur at Bnai Jacob. Join us to begin the journey towards a more connected life

Tuesday, October 8th
7:00pm- Kol Nidrei and Learning: Understanding What Blocks Us and What Binds Us
Wednesday, October 9th
10:00am- Yom Kippur Morning Services
11:30am- Yizkor I
(afternoon nap, meditation, you do you)
6:30pm-Yizkor II
7:00pm- Neilah
8:30pm- Dairy Break-fast with Bnai Jacob. Come hungry…

May this Shabbat, known as Shabbat Shuvah, the Shabbat of Return, feel like a deep and welcomed return, a return for another year of breath, of purpose and the pursuit of joy and a more healed world.

Blessings R’B