Tikkun Leil Shavuot

Thursday, May 28 starting at 8pm.

Come for an all-night study (or as long as you can go) starting at 8pm featuring YOU! Yes, our own community members will be presenting original stories, poems, songs, text studies, you name it. It’s Torah Bnai Jacob-style: BY and FOR the community 🙂 🙂

Meeting ID: 858 9799 6952
Call-In Numbers: 
+13126266799 (Chicago)
+19294362866 (New York)

8pm- I’ll kick this thang off beginning with the original solo wrestling match– Jacob vs the…..(???), ALONE. REVEALED.
8:10pm– Rachel Murdy and a ghostly Shavuot visit with GOMO
8:30pm- candle lighting and Arlene Stein “Wrestling With Others, Wrestling with Oneself”
9:00-9:30pm– Carla Main, depictions of Jacob’s wrestling in 5 visual works
9:30-9:45pm– poetry by Katelyn Halpern, “A Whole Darkness”
9:45pm-10:15pm– Original midrash and artwork by Nina Marie Sciarrotta
10:15pm-10:30pm– Three Dairy Based Cocktails with Graeme A.B. Schranz (it’s Shavuot after all!)
10:30pm-11:00pm– A deep Talmudic dive with Nicole Fix
11:00pm-11:15pm “You Have Struggled With Beings Human and Divine” with Kay Magilavy
11:15-11:45– “Jacob, Moses, and Reb Nachman of Breslov: Solitude and the Practice of Living With Contradictions” with Graeme A.B. Schranz
11:45-12:00am– a story with Beth Achenbach
12:00am-12:30am– L’00ps: A Monologue, music with Alex Pergament
12:30am-1:00am– Embodying the wrestling with Carolyn Andrea
1:00am-1:15am– a teaching with Nicky Watts
1:15am-1:30am– “Take your Broken Things to Make your Wings”, a performance piece by Lisa Huberman
1:30am-2:00am– Tarot Readings with Carolyn Andrea
2:00am-2:30am– spoken word with Rashad Wright
2:30am-3:00am– John Fathom, ‘nuf said 😉
3:00am-dawn– The World of Dream Interpretation… The 9th Chapter of Masechet Berakhot of the Talmud, studying, singing dreaming with me, R’Bronwen.

***AND FOR THOSE MILK-BASED COCKTAILS….***, YOU’LL NEED (though you can just enjoy the demo too 🙂 :): 

BRANDY ALEXANDER – Brandy, creme de cacao, half-and-half or evaporated milk, fresh nutmeg to top it off.
GRASSHOPPER – Creme de cacao, creme de menthe, half-and-half or evaporated milk.
BOURBON MILK PUNCH – Whole milk, vanilla extract, bourbon or another sweet whiskey (Mellow Corn is great), powdered sugar, dark rum (optional), cinnamon or nutmeg to top it off.

And from the Master Chef: For the creme de cacao and creme de menthe, my favorite brand is Tempus Fugit but this is not necessary.​​​​​​​