Staying together from a distance

Due to the COVID-19 virus, all future events in our building are postponed or canceled until further notice.  However, we will strive to use technology when possible to be together as a community from a distance.  Please stay tuned for details.

For up to date information from the State of New Jersey, go to

Here are Rabbi Bronwen’s comments from March 19, 2020:

Shalom chevre,

As I’m writing to you I experienced two beautiful things this morning– my next door neighbor practicing their cello, and a Zoom-bris. That’s right, a zoom bris! What amazed me in both cases was the fundamental drive that humans have to strive for and create moments of beauty and connection in times of distress. That’s why it’s all the more poetic that around the world, Jewish communities will be reading from parashat Vayakhel-Pekudei (“They Gathered- Recountings”), the final section of the Book of Exodus this Shabbat. In this parasha, we are reminded one last time about how the Israelites gathered under the direction of Betzalel, a skilled artisan (the first Jewish installation artist, I think) who is assigned by GD/GDESS to construct the Mishkan, the portable sanctuary for GD/GDESS to dwell among the Israelites as they wander in the wilderness, a wilderness apart from anything they ever knew of the world before and with no clear end in sight. This final parasha is a reminder that we all have something to contribute to the creation of sanctuary, even when we are afraid, even when there is great loss around us. At the end of this parasha, we chant the words “Chazak! Chazak! V’Nitzchazek” (Strong! Strong! We Will Be Strengthened!” That’s why we’re calling tomorrow’s service Shabbat Chazak- by being together, we will be strengthened! May we continue to dervie strength from one another, and continue to discover the our inner resources for strength as well.

I’m sure that many of you are in touch with a number of resources for grocery and medication pick up and other necessities, but please know that the page is constantly be updated with new information. In addition, the FB group “We Are The Village” created by CBJ friend, co-founder and executive director of the Jersey City Anti Violence Coalition Movement Pamela Johnson, is a virtual community resource for physical needs as well as providing childcare, job supplement for people facing employment insecurity, and more. People are showing their resilience. We will get through this, and as long as our new reality unfolds, we will find ways to support one another. There is nothing more holier than that 🙂

I hope to be with as many of you tomorrow as possible! Please be in touch if you want to connect at any time (, 267-475-5181).

Blessings to you all 🙂 R’B