Purim 2021 A Space Odyssey Cabaret: THURSDAY, 2/25 @7PM

That’s right, we are just over a week from Purim, and while it may not be the actual title of the Shpiel (there are ALWAYS surprises)– the theme is just that– 2021 A Space Odyssey! Get spacy-y’all, or get apocalyptic, or alien-esque, or just drag out that weird thing from your closet that you never thought you would wear again and combine it with that kitchenware or random household supply that you’ve maybe thought randomly to yourself, “Hey! I wonder what that would look like if I wore it as a hat/jewelry/mask, etc.!” We’re getting wacky because it’s Purim 2021– Purim 2020 was the last time that many of us got to be together in person so Purim 2021 also marks a year living in pandemic. This year has led us to a lot of discoveries, about ourselves and the world. Purim, the whole of masks and costumes, concealed identites and revealed identities, couldn’t be more appropriate. So go on a dress up Odyseey and let’s MARBIN B’SIMCHA: INCREASE THE JOY, the hilarity, the spooky and the spectacular, as we join together NEXT THURSDAY, 2/25 @7PM for PURIM!!