Shootings in Jersey City– Our Community Responds

Shalom dear chevre, 

As I’m sure many of you have heard– there has been a violent shooting here in Jersey City which has left one police officer and five civilians dead inside a Kosher supermarket. Many public schools in the area have been placed on lockdown and many businesses have been advised to close their doors and for individuals to avoid being on the streets. The assailants used AK47 rifles to make their attack, a weapon that no civilian should have access to. These are frightening times that we live in where this kind of violence is becoming increasingly rampant. As Jews we denounce these acts of violence, we denounce all bloodshed and spurning of human life, and we denounce silence as a response. We affirm community and the power of human connection and resourcefulness to build a world of love, a world that is holy.

At 7pm tonight we will be holding a virtual vigil and community gathering (we are not encouraging anyone to leave their home until the situation is more handled). Below is the zoom link: (ID: 8355663610)
Join by phone
(US) +1 646-558-8656
(US) +1 720-707-2699

I will offer a few words, we will share brief thoughts and intentions, we will offer a kaddish for those lives lost in today’s senseless act of violence, and we will conclude with a prayer for peace.

“May there be a day when war and bloodshed cease, and love will flow like a mighty stream.” The words of our prophets, the words on our heart this day.

In solidarity, may the hope for blessings to come by everpresent 
​​​​​​​:) R’Bronwen